We can all be humanitarians at heart. The regard we have for one another is what makes our species so unique, and our world a better place. Like us, you too will be touched by the prospects that these young lives hold, and the things you can do to improve—and even save them.

How will you respond?



Introduce youth to new experiences and help them Paint Pictures beyond the negative images they see daily.

You’ll be their supporter, guide, and mentor, helping them develop crucial skills and confidence to launch them into amazing things that they had not even imagined for themselves.  


Events Volunteer         

Assist with providing information to Painting Pictures event attendees with knowledge and enthusiasm. Set up information booth and pack resources after event; pick up and drop off materials, or other tasks necessary to Paint positive images for our inner – city communities.  


Administration Volunteer            

Assist in event research/planning, emailing, data entry, assembling of course materials, and engaging in special short and long-term projects.


After-school Program volunteer            

 Assist youth in making the best of their abilities and reaching their full potential through quality after-school programming.


Camp/Seasonal Volunteers                   

Help the young people explore nature while learning team building and leadership skills. (August 2018)