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Hello, my name is Corey James and for the past thirteen years I have dedicated myself to working with urban youths. I have come to understand that these young people are not what they do; they have merely painted the picture that they know—a picture of poverty, obscurity, and mediocrity. But I am committed to teaching young people who need it the most, how to paint pictures that include a quality education, a healthy lifestyle, and a bright future. Currently, I lead a pre-college program at Rutgers University in the community of Newark, NJ, helping to increase High School retention and ensure that students are college-bound. Finally—and perhaps most importantly, I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with a variety of youth advocate programs that seek to improve—and save the lives of at-risk youth in counties such as Essex, Camden and Atlantic. This particular demography has had to deal with the remnants and shadows of gang activities that have destroyed their lives on so many levels. Whatever little I was able to contribute impacted them more than they will ever be able to express, and touches my heart more than I am capable of communicating. Read more here: Picture a Better Life For At-Risk Teens & Painting Pictures of What's Possible



Hi, I am Marvin G. Aarons and a product of an inner city urban community where the odds of success for the youth are slim to none. Despite being encapsulated by the nature of such a community, I can proclaim that with proper guidance and persistence, anyone can elude and overcome such obstacles. Being a part of this selfless organization has provided me with the opportunity and platform to give back to those that need it most. My satisfaction comes from knowing that we are impacting our youth by transforming one life at a time. Intervention now will send ripples of endless possibilities through the canvas of time.


“Leadership is taking responsibility while others are making excuses” – John Maxwell




Hello! My name is Taicha Aarons and I have 14 years of Behavioral/ Psychological Support experience. I am a dedicated professional who has been working in the community to make a difference in the lives of our youth. As an offspring from an urban community, I understand the negative effects environments can have on the human species. I have always dreamed of taking on a role as a mentor which would provide the opportunity for me to positively influence the lives of others.


My philosophy can be summarized through my favorite quote:


“Real leadership is less about applause and rewards and more about doing the best work you’ve ever done and having an impact you’ve never imagined” - Robin Sharma.